Sunand Prasad, RIBA President 2007-09

Sunand Prasad is an exceptionally talented architect, a gifted designer and critic with a strong record of campaigning for architecture in the private/public domain. I strongly recommend him as President of the RIBA.
Richard Rogers, RIBA

I have know Sunand for thirty years, since his studenthood. In all that time I have never know his calm capacity for effective organisation and human relations to flag, nor his inspired design talent to fail him. We should seize him a President!
Ted Cullinan, CBE, RIBA

What makes Sunand Prasad such an outstanding candidate is his combination of high design ability, intellectual rigour and passionate commitment to the social responsibility of the profession.
Frank Duffy, PPRIBA

A thoughtful architect whose own school and health buildings have been widely admired by critics and users, Sunand Prasad has served as CABE commissioner for the past seven years.This combination of aesthetic distinction and political experience would make him the ideal RIBA President at a moment of opportunity for architecture in Britain.
Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate

As a developer, I have found Sunand a joy to work with - as well as his architecture being very beautiful, he is extraordinarily good at understanding the client’s need for money to be targeted to where it matters. His understanding of the bigger picture and his passion for quality would make him an ideal RIBA president.
Sylvie Pierce, Chief Executive Capital & Povident Regeneration

If you win I may consider joining the RIBA again. I left 6 years ago as I felt that the Institute offered nothing to change/enhance my practice.
Simon Henbury, Architect, Devon

Today, I can think of no-one who would suit the office of future president better than Sunand Prasad. He is an architect of rare distinction, a good designer and exemplary practitioner with an extensive span of work in key social fields and specifically in Health buildings. He has illustrated his skill with his advice to government and the way that CABE has organized its activities. Sunand is someone who listens to others he subsequently articulates his thinking clearly. He knows what the issues are and will represent the profession cogently.
Richard Burton, CBE, RIBA, London

I was hugely influenced as a student by Sunand Prasad’s tutoring and guidance, which left an impression on me that has endured throughout my working life. I can think of no better candidate to lead our profession.
Robert Benn, RIBA, Portsmouth

I know few architects who are as inquisitive, passionate and committed to architecture for all as Sunand Prasad. Seven years helping create CABE as the Government’s advisor on architecture, urban design and public space not only demonstrates his formidable determination and success but gives him a unique access to Government. His advocacy on health, education and design quality has been fruitful and while there is still much to be done, he is keen to promote the special skills of the smaller practice in these fields.
Robin Nicholson, CBE, RIBA, London

Sunand will bring listening and leadership to the RIBA Presidency. He will listen to disenfranchised regional members, to younger architects who continue to see the RIBA as outdated and detached. He will provide leadership in the education debate taking a firm line with ARB, and in tackling climate change where the profession needs to be at the forefront. The success of his practice, his skills as a CABE Commissioner and his selflessness as a campaigner for design quality all make him an ideal candidate for the Presidency.
Peter Clegg, RIBA, Feilden Clegg Bradley LLP, Bath & London

Sunand Prasad is a talented and gifted architect who understands the current challenges facing the profession. He has the experience and the vision to articulate the architect’s case within the context of the industry. He more than any one can fulfil the ambitions of the RIBA as the next President.
Professor Colin Stansfield Smith, RIBA, Hampshire

Sunand Prasad’s ability to relate successfully to a very wide range of people and interests, particularly including those who do not have the best opportunities in life is one of his outstanding skills. I believe that his ability to understand what goes on at the “grass roots”, and his vision of architecture as serving the needs of the community as well as the high purposes of artistic vision and design, marks him out as someone who is making a distinctive and forceful contribution to present day society in all its purposes.
Les Roberts, Chief Executive, Endeavour Training

Sunand’s engaging personality and ability as a talented and thoughtful designer has earned him the respect of colleagues not just within the London scene, but across the UK as a whole. This acknowledged skill as a designer is coupled with an astute and informed understanding of the issues facing architecture and the construction industry today.
Gareth Hoskins, RIBA, Gareth Hoskins Architects, Glasgow

It is exciting that for once we have a nomination for a president of the RIBA that is truly inspirational: Sunand is an architect of the stature, reputation and skill to make a difference in areas as diverse as reform in the construction industry to the future of architectural education. Sunand can inspire both qualified and student architects and understands both.
Prue Chiles, RIBA, Architect and Director, Bureau of Design Research, University of Sheffield

I believe that Sunand, having grown Penoyre and Prasad from a small practice into a biggish one, can relate to the issues facing smaller practices. I know that he values a diversity of practice and believes in championing small practices. Sunand would be a good president because he makes a clear and compelling case for making the RIBA more relevant, better organised and of greater value to all its members.
J J Lorraine, RIBA, London