Sunand Prasad, RIBA President 2007-09

I am proud that the RIBA is an international body. We have a huge potential for mutual learning and finding solution to present and future problems, so many of which we all share. If elected I will promote efforts to give better support to ‘overseas’ members and to increase their numbers. A number of initiatives are under way already, such as the establishment of International Chapters. There are proposals to extend a measure of administrative support to help chapters to function – somewhat as the RIBA’s UK Regions.

It is vital that the RIBA builds a more comprehensive understanding of international members’ views. Happily, the most thorough survey of RIBA members to date is now underway and will include the international membership as one if its cohorts.

I am committed to finding solutions to issues of reciprocal recognition of qualifications.

Disparities in currency values and general living standards in differeent countries have created major anomalies as regards the value of subscription in comparison with earnings. It is time to explore flexible subscriptions levels to address such disparities and enebale more architects to join the RIBA.